49ers Now Wild Card Podcast – feat @AsherRoth pt. II

Wild Card Podcast Rundown


  1. Packer game recap — Our team was built to play in Antarctica; game management issues; debate as to whether Wayne Chrebet may have the second best hands after King Crab aka King YAC (yards after catch)
  2. Panthers game preview — Note to earth: Aldon Smith, King Crab, and VD did not play against the Panthers in our regular season matchup; a healthy Steve Smith did play in our regular season matchup, and it’s unlikely that he’ll be 100% come Sunday; Luke Kuechly is a bad bad man, but we can take advantage of their secondary this time around with all of our weapons back
  3. Interview with Asher Roth — His new album RETROHASH is being released soon; getting dissed by Eminem on his new album and El’s mom’s reaction to the diss; the making of RETROHASH