49ers Now Week 14 Podcast – #silencethehaters

Week 14 Podcast Rundown:

  1. [0:00 – 4:34] Recap of Richard Sherman’s post-game comments and debate as to whether him and Pookie from New Jack City were separated at birth, plus King Crab live in studio with his reaction to Sherman’s comment that he “didn’t make a difference at all” in Sunday’s game.
  2. [4:35 –  7:54] Seattle fans boycotting BEATS BY DRE for their portrayal in the Kap ad??? It appears they are as irrational as they are loud
  3. [7:55 – 28:09] Recap of the best game of the year and more discussion of how Pookie Sherman got owned by our WRs (Correction the bar referenced is actually the San Francisco Saloon).
  4. [28:10 – 39:37] Preview of the Bucs game, a walk down Dashon Goldson memory lane, and a breakdown of all possible playoff scenarios