49ers Now Week 13 Podcast feat. @MarissaBataille with @YahooSports

Week 13 Podcast Rundown:

  1. [0:00 – 5:04] Hypocrisy in the NFL:  Ahmad Brooks gets penalized and fined for tackling Drew Brees near his neck; TJ McDonald Jr. not even penalized for Lorena Bobbitt’ing Vernon Davis
  2. [5:05 – 9:59] All hail King Crab, for he is the one who opens up our offense
  3. [10:00 – 14:01] Kap + Crab = OG Kap?
  4. [14:02 – 18:14] Seadderall Seahawks preview — we are not scared of the LEGION OF SHROOMS
  5. [18:15 – 37:10] Interview with Marissa Bataille, Sr. Marketing Manager for Yahoo, discussing:
    • Behind the scenes work with Kap on his Yahoo commercials
    • Yahoo fantasy suite at the new 9ers stadium
    • Drew Brees’ fantasy football “scandal” AND his love of not just Jimmy Graham, but also the sandwich shop JIMMY JOHN’s
    • How a 9ers game at Levi’s Stadium followed by a stop at GREAT AMERICA could be the greatest day ever