49ers Now Week 12 Podcast – feat @WKLaw on Aldon Smith

Week 12 Podcast Rundown

  1. [0:00 – 6:34] The Seattle Seahawks need an intervention — not a good look to have Cheech and Chong as their strength and conditioning coaches
  2. [6:35 – 14:47] We’re baaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk and trending upward at just the right time
  3. [14:48 – 21:44] Rams preview:  they’re not the greatest show on turf, but they have beaten good teams recently.  NOTE: those teams did not have King Crab returning off the PUP babaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!
  4. [21:55 – 46:29] Paul Wallin, Senior Partner of Wallin & Klarich, joins us to discuss the Aldon Smith criminal case.
    • Could ignorance of the law help Aldon here?
    • Common misconceptions re Aldon’s legal case explained
    • Opinion on whether Aldon will face jail time